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Trade and Logistics

Throughout the GCC and the entire MENA region the non-oil industry is the key for sustainable economic development. Producing high-value goods is directly linked to providing good logistical services.

When planning to provide logistic services in the region, it is particularly helpful if you have individuals at your side who are well versed with the specific business practices in the Middle East, and thus are able to achieve the best possible results. GERMELA's logistics experts have gained exactly this expertise. We do not process pursuant to fixed patterns. Our strength is flexibility and the ability to recognize the specific characteristics of your project, and to develop well-tailored results.

We are providing global logistic companies in the entire Middle East with our full-range consultancy services.

Dubai is improving his status as international market place for high quality goods being trade all over the globe. As former most important stopover on the silk road, Dubai and the whole Middle East are innovative when it comes to the trade of natural resources.

We advise our clients on all matters pertaining to global or regional trade.

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Your Expert Contact

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by Dr. Thomas Wülfing (01/2014)