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Performance Improvement and Operations Support

Every market has its own characteristics with challenges for foreign companies. Our experts at GERMELA advise our clients on structuring their sales and distribution organization, including identifying potential local distributors and sales partners, sponsors and investors.

The success of the sale of products by and large depends upon the services and capabilities of the sales agent or distributor in the respective country. For example in the U.A.E., but also in other GCC countries, as per the law, foreign companies need a local sales agent - the search for a reliable and suitable distributor is a tremendous challenge for foreign enterprises. Many distributors offer their services at fairs or the like, and it is almost impossible for enterprises to recognize whether the distributor will be able to really help the company with the formation of a sustained and successful marketing system. We identify for you suitable and trustworthy distributors in the U.A.E. and the entire GCC region, and accomplish that by reverting to our longstanding network in the Gulf States. In that context we are orienting ourselves along your individual requirements, and we will suggest to you distributor who understands your products and project, and whom we are convinced of that he will satisfy your requirements. We will negotiate with him the conditions of his specific sales activity, and make sure by way of regular screening of the distributor that he is living up to his contractual obligations. Problems with the sales agent/distributor will be resolved on the spot. An all-encompassing sales agent contract shall minimize the risk of a legal dispute.

We will advise and accompany you at the search for suitable investors in the Arabic and Persian region for your project in Europe or in the Near and Middle East. Based upon the excellent network, GERMELA has access to trustworthy investors. We are highly esteemed as we closely examine in advance the project of the German entrepreneur before we submit it to a potential investor. Based upon the excellent network, GERMELA has access to trustworthy investors. We are highly esteemed as we closely examine in advance the project of the foreign entrepreneur before we submit it to a potential investor. We help you operate smoothly without

GERMELA Healthcare is specialized on full-range consulting for clinical and hospital management solutions
We develop tailor-made and analysis-based holistic solutions and comprehensive concepts in an international framework
Our concepts and consulting expertise is based on clinical workflow and medical-technical expertise as well as clinical hospital management in Germany of more than 30 years

All of our efforts pursure the target of improving the medical care of patients, thereby, making a contribution to an increased quality of life.

We at GERMELA understand the complexity and changeability of healthcare systems and the necessity of considering and respecting cultural aspects of medical treatment in international environments.

Our team of enthusiatic and competent professionals in Europe and UAE develops solutions for clinical management questions.

GERMELA offers a broad range of services that cover managerial, operational, medical educational, personnel, financial, technological, administrative and legal aspects.

Our Services

Clinical Concepts

Effective Interdisciplinarity:

Intradepartmental and interdepartmental organization, e.g. radiology department, clinical services, emergency units, operation theaters.

Clinical Workflows / Management

Effectivity and Efficiency:

Experience and evidence-based consulting on improved clinical workflows generating synergies for different disciplines.

Patient-Oriented Concepts

Evidence-Based Medicine and Individual Services:

Individual diagnostics and treatments based on international guidelines.

International Education & References

Education and Excellence:

Clinical and scientific education for physicians in

an international environment, set-up of reference hospitals and cooperations in Germany for patient treatment.

Procurement of IT

Workflow-Based Technology:

Consulting on and provision of healthcare technology with intelligent software (RIS, PACS, HIS, etc.) targeting an efficiency and quality increase in patient treatment and clinical management.

Procurement of Application

Interfacing Clinical Needs and Technical Abilities:

Guidelines and scientific varieties are presented in examination-cards, special applications (e.g. Cardio, Neuro), technical improvements (upgrade-contracts), key-user training etc.

Procurement of Modalities

State-of-the-Art Technology:

Consulting on latest technology of modalities to represent highest technical standards, efficient use concepts and standardized protocols for providing the basis for high-end treatment of patients.

Procurement of Maintenance

Maintenance at its Best:

Technology-based and financially optimized maintenance management.

Our approach in a nutshell - from first ideas to concrete implementation

First Phase

Requirement analysis / concept development

  • ‍1st personal appointment for introduction and exchange about requirements
  • 2-days-meeeting for first analysis
  • 2nd appointment to explain improvement potential, decision on collaboration
  • Detailed analysis and concept proposal
  • Contractual agreement

Second Phase


  • ‍Installation, application, training, quality assurance
  • Intermediate analysis for reconfirming concept
  • Supporting and educating staff by hands-on advice in clinical routine
  • Scientific trace-study for effect measuring possible
  • Continuous reporting to management and project stakeholders
  • Successful completion of project implementation and hand-over to operations

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