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Industry and Machines

has with its network experience working with large Oil and Gas, Petrochemical,
Utility, General Industry, and Construction companies all over Europe, Asia,
and the Middle East. We have a leading team transferring cutting edge
strategies to our clients with unparalleled performance by combining 
to provide optimal solutions that provide growth and success to our business
partners and clients.

The Machinery Sector is cyclical
and capital-intensive, that directly touches major sectors like the agricultural,
construction, energy, industrial, infrastructure, mining, and transportation
sectors.  Europe, the Middle East, and
Asia are the most significant geographic markets for this sector and we have a
large network of companies, investors and experts throughout this region.

The openness of Middle Eastern
countries to foreign investment and its growth-orientation for international companies
helps us to develop an individual

Through many years of experience Germela has
developed an unparalleled reputation for supporting companies enter and thrive
in the competitive industrial market.

With our team of skilled consultants, lawyers, and engineers we offer a wide range of global business solutions to succeed in international markets including:
  • International business development
  • Market research, feasibility studies
  • Market analysis and selection
  • Market entry strategy
  • Partner search
  • Finding investors
  • Overseas marketing and promotion
  • Public relations

Using an extensive market intelligence platform, knowledge across various industry verticals, and key relations with a variety of business experts, we are able to provide a full-range of advisory services for companies looking to enter or grow in these markets across a broad range of high-growth and emerging industry sectors including:

Automotive Industry

The global automotive market currently produces around 65 million units per year, making it one of the largest industries around the world. Given the size of the market and its prospects for further expansion, automotive market research represents a highly attractive opportunity for OEMs, material suppliers, engine suppliers, and parts suppliers. Critical to success in the automotive industry is knowledge of market trends, product mix shifts, client needs and effective market strategies. GERMELA is continuously networking with clients, suppliers, and competitors to create complete visibility across the whole value chain of the automotive market and to help our clients make well prepared business decisions.

Machinery, Manufacturing & Plant Engineering

The future of the global machinery market looks attractive because major drivers for growth in this market are increasing the demand and opportunities in the transportation, construction, wind energy, pipe & tank, marine, consumer goods, electrical and electronic, aerospace and others. With us by your side, you can reduce your initial investment for the market entry by avoiding typical obstacles in your market entry.

Oil & Gas

The global composites end product market for oil and gas is expected to reach an estimated value of $1.6 billion by 2021. The major drivers of growth in this market are increasing oil and gas drilling exploration activities. GERMELA offers a wide range of global business solutions to succeed in international Oil & Gas markets. We guarantee an accelerated market entry process and therefore help you save costs.

Environmentally conscious, Recycling, & Process equipment

The environmental equipment industry comprises system, equipment, technologies and products accountable for the lack of the environmental effect resultant from the emissions of wastes and byproducts of human growth of the overall environment, human population, and other numerous type of industrial and economic activities. GERMELA reduces your risks of a new market entry through our experience and track record we will guide you to  your goals in a new market.

Instrumentation & ICT

The future of the global instrumentation and sensors market looks promising with opportunities in the industrial, healthcare, consumer electronics, and automotive industries. The major drivers for this market is the increasing need of automation in various industries, and the miniaturization of sensors, for more safety and power efficiency. We help you to test and analyze the market before committing long term capital investments.

Renewable energy equipment

Concerns over climate change, crude oil prices, and increasing energy demand are generating global interest in renewable resources to meet the world’s energy needs, those are the major drivers for the renewable energy equipment market.

Healthcare & Medical Equipment

The global medical equipment industry experienced strong growth during the last five years and is expected to continue its momentum. The new technological innovations are constantly driving the demand of the medical equipment industry. Additionally, increased healthcare spending is expected to fuel demand for medical equipment and equipment orders intake especially in Asia. Thus the governments in many Asian countries are ramping up efforts to increase medical insurance coverage and establish more hospitals. With our network and our medical advisors by your side, we provide you with improved chances of a successful market entry

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