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Immigration Law and Visas

Through our many years of experience in the Arab region, Germela Wülfing has gained valuable knowledge in dealing with clients from the MENA-Region and has set up a specialized team, which provides the clients with highly professional solutions. Germela Wülfing offers legal advice in English, German, Persian, French, Russian, Turkish and also in Arabic.

Germela Wülfing provides its premium quality of service across a board range of sectors, from commercial and corporate law to comprehensive support in the asylum procedure.

The provided legal services are:

•         the appeal and opposition proceedings
•         obtaining and extending a residence title
•         family reunion
•         commitment declaration
•         the work permits

Germela Wülfing always tries to find the best and the most effective solution as early as possible with the responsible foreigner’s authority, in order to save the client much time and money.

In addition, Germela Wülfing helps its clients from all countries with applying and preparing all necessary documents for different types of visas and residence permits. We would accompany and support you throughout all steps – from choosing the appropriate type of visa to obtaining a German residency.

Hereinafter, you will find different types of visas and residence permits from which you can choose the most suitable for your interests. It would be our pleasure to fully organize and prepare your relocation to Germany, whether it is temporary or permanent.

European Union (EU) Blue Card

Blue Card is issued to the highly qualified professionals from different fields.

•         The applicant must have a job offer (contract or a binding offer) from a company in Germany, with a minimum gross salary € 50,800.00 a year. However, there is an exception for the specialists in the fields of Mathematics, IT, Natural sciences, Engineering and Medicine. Applicants of these professions are qualified for a Blue Card with an annual gross salary of €39,624.00. 

Considering your academic background, experience, and qualifications, Germela Wülfing will be happy to assist you in finding and applying for a job position in Germany, and support you throughout the whole process of receiving the EU Blue Card. 

(For more Information, please download this PDF)


Highly-qualified professionals

Highly-qualified professionals from certain fields can obtain an open-ended residence permit
(settlement permit).

•        Highly-qualified professionals such as scientists with special technical knowledge as well as
scientific and teaching personnel in prominent positions can obtain a settlement permit. However,
a job offer is a necessity. Proof of minimum income is not required. Considering your academic
background, experience, and qualifications, Germela Wülfing will be happy to assist you in finding
and applying for a job position in Germany, and support you throughout the whole process of
receiving the settlement permit. 

(For more Information, please download this PDF)



Entrepreneurs from foreign countries, who plan to stay in Germany to form a business, can obtain
a residence permit and subsequently a settlement permit for them and their families.

•        After receiving a self-employment visa, a person has to apply for a residence permit. Residence permit for self-employment is issued to a person whose business plan satisfies an economic interest or regional need. The business must be likely to generate a positive effect on the economy and financing must be secured. 

Germela Wülfing advises you in questions pertaining to residential permits, handles the application procedure for you, and supports you at all steps of the implementation of your project – from developing a business plan to accompanying you during the business meetings. 

(For more Information, please download this PDF)


Employment Visa is issued to the qualified workers from different fields.

•        If you have an employment offer and meet the general requirements for issuing a residence title, you can then obtain a residence permit for the purpose of employment. Considering your academic background, experience, and qualifications, Germela Wülfing will be happy to assist you in finding and applying for a job position in Germany, and support you throughout the whole process of receiving the employment residence permit. 

(For more Information, please download this PDF)


Individuals completed higher education can come to Germany in order to find the job.

•        Individuals who have a German university degree or one recognized in Germany are allowed to come on the basis of job-seeking. Their residence permit is given for 6 months and lets a person on-location learn about the labor market and find a job position in Germany, which would be appropriate for their qualifications. After receiving a job offer, the residence permit can be extended.

Considering your academic background, experience, and qualifications, Germela Wülfing will be happy to assist you in applying for a job-seeking visa, and support you in finding the appropriate job position as well as throughout the whole procedure of receiving a long term residence permit. 

(For more Information, please download this PDF)


Studying and Education

Anyone willing to study in Germany can obtain a student visa, and subsequently a residence permit
for different educational purposes.

•        There are three types of student visas: language course visa, student applicant visa, student visa. German institutions of higher education have an excellent reputation around the world, providing stimuli for innovation and progress that are significant on the international level. Germela Wülfing will be happy to support its clients with finding an appropriate institution or vocational training program and help throughout the whole process of obtaining a residence permit. 

(For more Information, please download this PDF)           


Medical Tourism

Anyone can benefit from the highly-developed and world-leading health system in Germany.

•        Foreigners can obtain a limited term German visa with the purpose of medical treatment or preventative medicine. Germela Wülfing will be glad to help its clients find the best clinics and hospitals, choose the most competent doctor, assist in the visa application process, and find accommodation throughout the whole staying of the client in Germany. 

(For more Information, please download this PDF)

Our Services

Clinical Concepts

Effective Interdisciplinarity:

Intradepartmental and interdepartmental organization, e.g. radiology department, clinical services, emergency units, operation theaters.

Clinical Workflows / Management

Effectivity and Efficiency:

Experience and evidence-based consulting on improved clinical workflows generating synergies for different disciplines.

Patient-Oriented Concepts

Evidence-Based Medicine and Individual Services:

Individual diagnostics and treatments based on international guidelines.

International Education & References

Education and Excellence:

Clinical and scientific education for physicians in

an international environment, set-up of reference hospitals and cooperations in Germany for patient treatment.

Procurement of IT

Workflow-Based Technology:

Consulting on and provision of healthcare technology with intelligent software (RIS, PACS, HIS, etc.) targeting an efficiency and quality increase in patient treatment and clinical management.

Procurement of Application

Interfacing Clinical Needs and Technical Abilities:

Guidelines and scientific varieties are presented in examination-cards, special applications (e.g. Cardio, Neuro), technical improvements (upgrade-contracts), key-user training etc.

Procurement of Modalities

State-of-the-Art Technology:

Consulting on latest technology of modalities to represent highest technical standards, efficient use concepts and standardized protocols for providing the basis for high-end treatment of patients.

Procurement of Maintenance

Maintenance at its Best:

Technology-based and financially optimized maintenance management.

Our approach in a nutshell - from first ideas to concrete implementation

First Phase

Requirement analysis / concept development

  • ‍1st personal appointment for introduction and exchange about requirements
  • 2-days-meeeting for first analysis
  • 2nd appointment to explain improvement potential, decision on collaboration
  • Detailed analysis and concept proposal
  • Contractual agreement

Second Phase


  • ‍Installation, application, training, quality assurance
  • Intermediate analysis for reconfirming concept
  • Supporting and educating staff by hands-on advice in clinical routine
  • Scientific trace-study for effect measuring possible
  • Continuous reporting to management and project stakeholders
  • Successful completion of project implementation and hand-over to operations

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