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Energy and Commodities

Regardless of which energy source you use – renewable or conventional - we are at your side with your projects in the U.A.E. and the entire GCC region.
We will support you in starting new projects as well as accompanying already existing projects in the energy market.

In the last few years, the steady growth of the energy sector has offered various incentives and opportunities to local and foreign investors and founders of energy projects, as well as manufacturers of components and equipments for energy production. These incentives are applicable to investments in the Near and Middle East as well as in Germany.

Our experience and expertise includes the monitoring of local and foreign investments in renewable energy and fossil fuels. 

In the area of renewable energy, our advisory capabilities extend beyond the government subsidized planning and construction phase. Furthermore, we provide advise on the high diversity of the market – keeping in mind that energy production can be provided through the use of wind power, here, divided into on-and offshore, photovoltaic, biomass or geothermal energy. We also advise clients in regards to competition law. It is specifically this competition, that as a result of the increasing measures and unbundling requirements, has come into focus for foreign investors.

In the area of fossil fuel extraction, such as oil and gas, the scope of our consultation entails the entire value-chain. This ranges from the exploration and development of the respective fossil fuel to its extraction, both locally and abroad.

In the area of natural commodities we look back on many years of expertise and comprehensive consulting experiences. Herein, we particularly focus on legal queries in regards to raw material extraction and distribution for public-private partnerships and foreign investments. In these times of decreasing commodities, more efficient excavation processes and safer and faster distribution methods in the world’s commodity markets, have become the focus of many companies. Our specialized lawyers, optimally networked in the commodities sector, focus on requirements such as these.

Our consultation in the area of investment projects within the energy sector is not limited to energy sector law. We also draw on extensive and longstanding expertise in the fields of company law, tax law, and antitrust issues.

Local and foreign investors are also our clients. These include manufacturers and suppliers of components and equipment for energy production. The negotiation of long-term service and maintenance contracts, as well purchasing and leasing contracts, is part of our comprehensive consultancy service.

GERMELA Healthcare is specialized on full-range consulting for clinical and hospital management solutions
We develop tailor-made and analysis-based holistic solutions and comprehensive concepts in an international framework
Our concepts and consulting expertise is based on clinical workflow and medical-technical expertise as well as clinical hospital management in Germany of more than 30 years

All of our efforts pursure the target of improving the medical care of patients, thereby, making a contribution to an increased quality of life.

We at GERMELA understand the complexity and changeability of healthcare systems and the necessity of considering and respecting cultural aspects of medical treatment in international environments.

Our team of enthusiatic and competent professionals in Europe and UAE develops solutions for clinical management questions.

GERMELA offers a broad range of services that cover managerial, operational, medical educational, personnel, financial, technological, administrative and legal aspects.

Focus of our consultations:

  • Energy law
  • Merger & Acquisition transactions
  • Due Diligence
  • Financing
  • Project monitoring
  • Company law and fiscal regulation arrangements for  energy companies
  • Negotiation of any contracts related to the above

Our approach in a nutshell - from first ideas to concrete implementation

First Phase

Requirement analysis / concept development

  • ‍1st personal appointment for introduction and exchange about requirements
  • 2-days-meeeting for first analysis
  • 2nd appointment to explain improvement potential, decision on collaboration
  • Detailed analysis and concept proposal
  • Contractual agreement

Second Phase


  • ‍Installation, application, training, quality assurance
  • Intermediate analysis for reconfirming concept
  • Supporting and educating staff by hands-on advice in clinical routine
  • Scientific trace-study for effect measuring possible
  • Continuous reporting to management and project stakeholders
  • Successful completion of project implementation and hand-over to operations

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