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Corporate and M&A

As lawyers with local experience, we are aware about the legal risks of share or asset deals within the MENA region, and we know how to identify and to minimize them. Our experts in corporate law will guide you from the identification and the due diligence, the negotiations to the closing of the deal. We provide you with legal due diligence, drafting of the share purchase contract (SPC) and assist you in negotiations with the contracting partner.

Transactions in the context of Acquisitions of Enterprises and Mergers require prudently planned strategies in order to shape them profitably. In order to minimize the investment risks, a careful legal and financial due diligence of the target enterprise is necessary.

GERMELA Legal will put the target enterprise through the paces and will thoroughly counsel you as to legal and fiscal issues concerning your acquisition project.

Moreover, GERMELA Legal will work out solution concepts and strategies for a successful transaction.

Besides the legal and fiscal due diligence by GERMELA Legal, GERMELA Consulting will support you at the identification of suitable target enterprises in the MENA countries.

GERMELA Legal advises you in all questions of international corporate law. GERMELA’s 26 local law firms in 18 different countries in the MENA-region and Europe are at your side, locally, with regard to the formation of companies and implementation of subsidiaries, respectively. They are conducting all proceedings with the local authorities, and are, apart from that, at your service in all matters concerning corporate law, as well. In that context, we are advising you as to onshore- and off-shore foundations, respectively.

We are advising you with regard to your search for the most suitable legal form, we are finding for you the ideal location (Onshore/Offshore), and we take care of a trouble-free and swift formation of your company.

Furthermore, GEMELA Legal also has large expertise in counselling as to the formation of Joint Ventures, international M&A-transactions as well as restructuring measures.

Most of our clients use the U.A.E. as a hub for their trading and business activities in the entire MENA region. Due to our experts in Commercial Law not only for the U.A.E., we are able to provide you with excellent legal services in all matters related to your trading and business activities in the entire Middle East.

The ratio between risk and return is essential for the appeal of an investment. For the economic success, special knowledge of the regional branch is as important as the insight of business and participatory structures.GERMELA Legal will be counseling you in the acquisition of business participations in the Middle East as well as in Europe. The legal consultants of GERMELA Legal are specialized in the regional aspects of the MENA-Region, and  therefore, they are in a position to reliably evaluate and assess, within the framework of a Legal Due Diligence, the risks of the company that you may wish to participate at.

GERMELA Legal is counseling enterprises, banks, and investors in all fields of the national and international bank and finance laws, with emphasis on the MENA countries and Europe.We will support you in all matters of the project financing, be at your side at negotiation meetings, and will be drafting the entire contract for you in order to make sure that your project can be sustainably put on solid financial ground.

In order to enforce own rights, or defend against adverse claims, court proceedings and arbitration procedures, respectively, are oftentimes unavoidable.

In this context, a carefully prepared strategy is crucial for a successful case management. It entails, next to conducting a risk analysis as to the prospects of success of a proceeding, working out convincing arguments. Oftentimes, an arbitration procedure may be more advantageous than court proceedings; as such procedure can be initiated on short notice, and by the selection of the arbitrators one can make sure that a certain professional economic expertise is guaranteed, provided that the parties have contractually agreed to the possibility of an arbitration procedure, in the first place.

Many of our clients have several companies, subsidiaries and branches across the MENA region. But there is always a need to optimize the corporate group structure, depending on the current developments in our client's business and in the laws.

Our Corporate Law experts are advising our clients on structuring and optimizing the group from a legal perspective in the entire MENA region.

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