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Banking, Insurance, and Finance

Whether you intent to make a new investment, restructuring your facilities or minimizing risk in your daily business – we support you to find the best insurance for your project.

Our insurance experts advise our clients on reducing the risks of their investments and facilitating the investment performance in the MENA region. We are conducting all proceedings with the local authorities. Successfully entering a new market and marketing ones’ products and services can only be done with a strategy that is being prepared in advance. To make the right financial decision for ones’ investment needs to be carefully prepared in advance. It is particularly helpful if you have individuals at your side who are well versed with the specific regulations and conditions in the respective region, and thus are able to achieve the best possible results.

GERMELA Healthcare is specialized on full-range consulting for clinical and hospital management solutions
We develop tailor-made and analysis-based holistic solutions and comprehensive concepts in an international framework
Our concepts and consulting expertise is based on clinical workflow and medical-technical expertise as well as clinical hospital management in Germany of more than 30 years

All of our efforts pursure the target of improving the medical care of patients, thereby, making a contribution to an increased quality of life.

We at GERMELA understand the complexity and changeability of healthcare systems and the necessity of considering and respecting cultural aspects of medical treatment in international environments.

Our team of enthusiatic and competent professionals in Europe and UAE develops solutions for clinical management questions.

GERMELA offers a broad range of services that cover managerial, operational, medical educational, personnel, financial, technological, administrative and legal aspects.

GERMELA will advise you in all matters pertaining to finance with the goal to enhance your chances of successful business activities, and minimizing, on the other hand, the risks.

Our approach in a nutshell - from first ideas to concrete implementation

First Phase

Requirement analysis / concept development

  • ‍1st personal appointment for introduction and exchange about requirements
  • 2-days-meeeting for first analysis
  • 2nd appointment to explain improvement potential, decision on collaboration
  • Detailed analysis and concept proposal
  • Contractual agreement

Second Phase


  • ‍Installation, application, training, quality assurance
  • Intermediate analysis for reconfirming concept
  • Supporting and educating staff by hands-on advice in clinical routine
  • Scientific trace-study for effect measuring possible
  • Continuous reporting to management and project stakeholders
  • Successful completion of project implementation and hand-over to operations

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Olav Schriever
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