Sales market Egypt - GERMELA lectures at IHK Koblenz
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July 25, 2018
Written by:
Damon Rahimi

It has been a great pleasure for GERMELA to contribute with a lecture to the success of the event of the IHK Koblenz that commenced under the heading “Marketplace Egypt” („Absatzmarkt Ägypten“) on March 20th, 2018. GERMELA was represented in Koblenz by Damon Rahimi, Lawyer, and Mamdouh Al Tajjar, Legal Consultant and Head of Arabian Department/North-Africa Division.

In his lecture which was captioned “Legal Framework of Doing Business in Egypt”, Mr. Rahimi explained to the representatives of medium-sized and large companies as well as banks the possibilities for a successful initiation of business in Egypt.

Mr. Rahimi started by presenting an overview of interesting and emerging markets. Egypt as an emerging country with much potential commands many market sectors that are still developing. Mr. Rahimi presented a well-adjusted to the needs of German enterprises general view of the most important regulations for a market entry.

The group of participants had diverse expectations with regard to this event. Some of the participants are already active in Egypt, others intended to collect information to become active. Based upon this presentation there is now a basis to start a business in Egypt as well as expand an already existing business.

Besides Mr. Rahimi, Mr. Bernd Lunkenhiemer of EZ-Scout (the support program for the market entry in Egypt by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development), and Mr. Steffen Müller of DB Schenker (customs and logistics) presented the participants with two more fascinating lectures. In conclusion, the three lectures created a tremendous and successful event.

The Chamber of Industry and Commerce (“Industrie- und Handelskammer”) Koblenz is an institution by the regional businesses in the Northern part of Rhineland-Palatinate (“Rheinland-Pfalz”).  With more than 95,000 members it is one of the largest in Germany. The enormous business possibilities of German small and medium-sized businesses are at home, here.

‍Damon Rahimi, Attorney at Law presents at the IHK Koblenz
‍IHK Koblenz "Sales Market Egypt" Participants

GERMELA was very pleased to participate in this successful event. Informative presentations and interesting potential business partners made this a successful event.

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