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Germela is a company invested in full-range consulting services that specialize in market entry consulting, transaction advisory, financial and investor consulting, operations support, as well as legal and tax services. Our experts come from various industries including healthcare, energy, real estate, start-ups, non-profits, and the banking sector. With main offices in Hamburg (Germany), Dubai (U.A.E), and Abu Dhabi (UAE), we provide you with the most professional and earnest:


Germela is represented by over 520 experts in Europe, the MENA region, and Asia. At Germela, we put a special emphasis on developing cross-cultural business strategies that enable companies coming from all industries to succeed in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia. We are truly committed to serving as a bridge between different market environments and supporting our clients in understanding the respective business culture in Europe, the MENA-Region and Asia.

Our diverse team of business, legal, financing, and tax professionals assists you in all stages of your business activities and investments – from market entry and corporate set up to closing and liquidations. We support industry leaders on national and international projects through our extensive experience in international business relations and transactions.

We provide you with access to our full network of industry experts, consultants, Lawyers, investors, sponsors, as well as distribution and business partners:

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What Sets Us Apart

We adhere to the highest standards and are true to our values and our philosophy . Our values are deeply rooted in our identity and in our brand, which is why they are the main anchor of support for the GERMELA brand. In order to represent GERMELA as well as possible, we have defined our core values in six terms:

All-Round Solutions
With us as your partner, you get business, legal, and tax advise all from one source.
Professional Excellence
We adhere to satisfy the highest global standards to improve your business in the long run.
Local Market Expertise
We provide you with strong local contacts, information sources, and our expertise.
Across Cultures and Languages
We speak the languages and know the markets so we can navigate you across the local cultures.
Long-Term Commitment
We are committed to be your strongest ally to help you succeed with your business endeavours.
Entrepreneurial Mindset
We know how to achieve your goals in the best way because we think like entrepreneurs.

Our Team

"A strong team makes all the difference" -Dr. Thomas Wülfing (Founder and CEO)

Our team blends international and professional backgrounds with the highest dedication to provide the best support for our partners and clients. We are constantly expanding our passionate team, if you are interested to join our team, check our current career openings or contact us at recruitment@germela.com.
Mr Afshin Ghassemi is Managing Partner of the GERMELA Group and specialized in corporate and trade law as well as in Investment law. Mr. Ghassemi specializes in immigration and VISA procedures.
Afshin Ghassemi
Managing Partner
Dr. Thomas Wülfing is Senior Partner of the hamburg-based international law firm WZR and founder and President of the consultancy GERMELA. He is a certified lawyer in Germany and auditor, specialized in tax, business, and trade questions.
Dr. Thomas Wülfing
Founder and President
Mr. Marcel Trost, Group CEO and Co-Founder of the Germela Group, a spezialized lawyer in international corporate and commercial law, particularly in the field of M&A transactions and corporate structuring.
Marcel Trost
Group CEO
As Vice Chairman and Managing Lawyer, Mr. Lootah coordinates and supervises the advocates and legal consultants at HL&A. Mr. Lootah specialises in litigation, criminal law, and real estate law.
Ahmed Lootah
Senior Legal Counsel
Andreas Duden has over thirty-five years’ experience in the banking industry. He held various interim CFO positions in trading companies and a number of leading positions at European financial institutions in Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Hungary, Austria and United Kingdom.
Andreas Duden
Senior Consultant
Cem Alışık is a Berlin-based lawyer with focus on commercial law. He is the Head of the Berlin Office. His attention is paid especially to German-Turkish business relations. He has been advising the Turkish Embassy in Berlin.
Cem Alisik
Ms. Claudia Kessler is a legal advisor with 7 years PQE and over 5 years' experience in the United Arab Emirates. She provides legal counsel to international firms and advises them in corporate, commercial and labour law.
Claudia Kessler
Legal Consultant
Damon Rahimi Moghaddam is a Lawyer at GERMELA Wülfing LLP and Consultant at GERMELA. His practice concentrates on international and German corporate law and all legal issues regarding business transactions as well as sanction and immigration law.
Damon Rahimi
Dr. Rainer Braunschweig is an internationally very experienced and respected physician and radiologist. He has experience of more than 30 years as radiologist and in the area of clinical management.
Dr. Rainer Braunschweig
Chief Medical Officer
Gerhard M. Horstmann-Wilke, a German lawyer, is of-counsel at the law firm WZR and the consultancy firm GERMELA in Hamburg. With more than 30 years of insurance claims experience, he is specialized in US law and sanctions regulations.
Gerhard Horstmann-Wilke
Lawyer, of Counsel
Hussein Lootah is one of the highest reputed lawyers in Dubai and founder of one of the leading law firms in the UAE that was established in 1997, HL&A. Mr Lootah has extensive regional experience and knowledge of local, national, and international laws.
Hussain Lootah
Legal Partner
Mamdouh Al Tajjar, Lawyer licensed in Syria. He is the head of Arabian department and legal consultant at Germela Wülfing. His consulting focuses on providing legal advices to companies and individuals on all issues in company foundation and debt collection.
Mamdouh Al Tajjar
Legal Consultant, Head of Arabian Department
Omar Al Shekha holds an M.A. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Technology in Hamburg. Al Shekha is highly skilled in sales, specialized in global marketing strategy, with over 7 years’ experience in Middle East markets in assisting SMEs among a range of industrial sectors.
Omar Al Shekha
Head of Sales | Industrial Machinery Division

Strategic Partners

We surround ourselves with great people and organizations. We are proud of our mutually beneficial partnerships and are constantly expanding our network. If you are also interested to become our partner, do not hesitate to email us.

Corporate Responsibility

GERMELA is a global enterprise deeply rooted in its local communities - in Europe and in the MENA region. As a result, we take our entrepreneurial responsibility towards sustainable business and civic engagement very seriously. We adhere to our cause to create added value for clients, partners, our employees, and society as a whole. Together with the GERMELA Foundation, we make  lasting impacts in our three areas of focus:

Economic Development as Peace-building

We believe that increased global trade and sustainable economic growth have proven to be the most effective approaches for peacebuilding. Especially, in highly volatile regions as the Middle East. In order to create a peaceful future for the region today, it is of utmost importance to generate attractive job opportunities for young people in the region and to raise productivity.

Diversity and Equal Opportunities

We are strongly committed to the cause of increasing diversity and we support an equal opportunities policy. Equal opportunities mean equal access to jobs, education, free speech, and voting rights, regardless of age, gender, race, or religion - a level playing field for everyone. More than 50% of our employees come from a migrant background. In our thoroughly globalized world a sense of understanding for diversity and basic cross-cultural competence have become essential skills for professional success.

Promotion of Culture and Arts

Creative cities are successful cities. Due to the thorough transformation of labor and the decline of industrialized work, this is especially the case in the current age of digitalization. However, creativity needs an environment that allows space and gives leeway for the development of outstanding art. We are proud to support cultural institutions and artists from all over the world.